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Retailers set new price benchmarks for plots of land

Land deals inked this year have topped 100m euros, withretailers setting the new price benchmarks. After 2009, at the endof which owners no longer knew how much to ask, and investors didnot know what a reasonable price offer meant, deals sealed thisyear will help shorten the negotiation period for futuretransactions, reads BUSINESS CONSTRUCT monthly magazine.
Land deals worth 60-70m euros, typical of the 2006-2007 period,were no longer registered this year, but the "dearth" of last yearwas not seen, either.
Dedeman, Decathlon, Cora, Auchan and Kaufland calculated andre-calculated and when the outcome started being positive, theystarted investing millions of euros to buy land again, particularlyin big cities seen as still having room for modern retail.
In Cluj, Bra[ov or Bac`u plots of land inside cities were sold thisyear at prices of between 180 and 325 euros/square metre, dependingon the area and proximity to the centre, as well as on theexistence of utilities or even of some structures than can be usedfor future developments.
Plots differ, though, and the deal context can also bring differentprices. Nevertheless, owners and investors will now have benchmarksto take into consideration.

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