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Biggest deals of past year

The listing of Fondul Proprietatea (FP- Property Fund), whichhad a 120 million-euro trading volume in the first week, was thebiggest transaction in 2010 and the first few months of this year,reveals the Top Deals Yearbook put together by Ziarul Financiar.Over 80 deals are presented in the catalogue, with a cumulatedvalue of over 1 billion euros, most of which in real estate.

With many of the deals being worth less than 10 million euros,2010 can be considered the year of small transactions, to thedisappointment of consultants who hoped for a rebound of themarket. Even so, Romanian buyers were extremely few, with only sixcompanies or business people venturing to buy at a time when mostwant to exit: Puiu Popoviciu, Asesoft, Dedeman, Camelia Şucu, theMinea family and Augustin Oancea. Foreign investors were the oneswho set the tone for mergers and acquisitions last year.

"I don't believe in spectacular rises, but it is very likelythat 2011 will see the first trading peaks since the crisis began,if the state goes through with its plans. For instance, I think thesale of minority stakes held in various utility companies in theoil and natural gas industries, the petrochemical andtelecommunications industries could attract a few major strategicinvestors, which would benefit the Romanian economy directly," saidFlorentin Ţuca, managing partner of Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţiilaw firm.

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